Calling all kind hearts: VHS needs Foster Families

Finding foster homes is critical to the success of the Victoria Humane Society. And right now we need more foster homes! So if this interests you, please fill out the foster application.

Foster homes lead to successful adoptions

Every animal that VHS rescues (over 700 in two years successfully rescued and adopted!) must enter a foster home while we look for its permanent home. It’s a model of animal rescue that leads to happy dogs and cats and happy new pet families. This is because while in a foster home, an animal can relax and live in a normalized home environment. And with your observations and input, we can assess the animal accurately and make sure it gets into the right forever home.

Fostering is a vital link in the rescue and adoption process

The animal assessment process within foster homes is vital to long-term success and helps ensure that animals are not later returned to rescue. Why? For example, not all dogs are great with kids or cats. But they might make a terrific, affectionate lap dog for a retired person. Or not all cats can live with other cats. But some can. Some dogs are great with families but need regular exercise that an elderly person can’t give them. You can tell us this! Once we have your accurate picture of the “the real animal”, via a foster home, we can successfully match an animal with a forever home that understands its true nature and needs.

So what’s in it for you, as a foster home?

First of all, we cover your foster pet’s food and medical expenses while in your care. Most importantly, fostering isn’t a lifetime commitment — it’s commitment to saving a life. We find many people love animals but can’t or don’t want the permanent responsibility. Fostering is a way to bring an animal into your life, to give love, and to receive the love and joy that most animals are dying to give you! While it’s sometimes hard to give them up once you’ve formed a bond, it’s very rewarding to know they are going to a permanent home and that you have helped them get there. And we always have another wonderful being for you, if you wish to keep fostering.

Right now, VHS is actively seeking foster homes for our medium/large-sized dogs. We have an easier time finding foster homes for our smaller animals, but the big guys are just as much fun – just a little harder to place.

Foster home criteria:

  • Homebodies! The foster applicant will ideally be at home for a good portion of the day (i.e.: homebodies, retired people, people who work from home…) The reason for this is that some of our dogs going in to foster may have health/medical/anxiety issues and it benefits them to have companionship in their new unfamiliar space.
  • Yard. We prefer foster homes fully fenced yards – for the safety of the animal
  • Location. Our foster homes should be located within Greater Victoria
  • Home checks. We conduct home checks of all foster homes to confirm that we are placing animals in suitable homes and visa versa
  • Other pets policy. We will consider placing our animals in homes with existing dogs/cats; however, we would ask to confirm they are calm and well-balanced animals to ensure the safety of all animals.

If you would like to provide a foster home for the Victoria Humane Society, please fill in our application. We will respond to every applicant.

Thank you!

Give Them Shelter

Give Them Shelter

The number 1 priority for the VHS to is to create a shelter where homeless animals can be housed while waiting for their forever or foster home. First, we need to find a location and some major sponsors. Can you help? Get in touch

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