Did you catch the Sled Dogs documentary?

We were proud to attend the Victoria premiere of ‘Sled Dogs’ on May 9 — an important documentary which chronicles the plight of Whistler Sled Dogs that has also recently aired on CBC. Penny Stone, Founder and Executive Director of the Victoria Humane Society and BC Humane Society is featured in the film, where she speaks to the heartbreaking Whistler massacre and its aftermath. The film also celebrates the fact that her team helped to rehome 300 sled dogs. People with a love for dogs will not want to miss this documentary.

“In the film, you will learn that operators consider sled dogs a different breed, a breed that is happy to live its life on a chain only to be released to pull a sled until exhaustion,” said Stone. “It’s just not true, they are just normal dogs and we want everyone to see that and to share via social media what they have learned. It’s imperative that we all know what goes on behind the scenes, they are just ordinary dogs!”

Stone and the filmmakers are hoping for the same sort of reaction and educational effect that Blackfish brought to whales in captivity and just like that film, Sled Dogs has raised the ire of many and is not without controversy including personal threats.

“When the film was accepted into the Whistler film festival we were contacted via social media and personally with people trying to intimidate us or defending their position, but to us, there is no defense, it’s an industry that needs to be changed. We will never stop telling people about what is going on and asking the industry to pull their own damn sled.”

For more information visit sleddogsfilm.com

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Give Them Shelter

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