Halle + Eight


A very tired Mama and her eight tiny (at the time) puppies arrived in VHS care on December 26 – yes, it was Boxing day and they arrived resting in a box. They had been born just three days earlier in a northern Vancouver Island community. When Halle’s owner found out just how difficult it was to contend with babies, she contacted another rescue who took them in but couldn’t care for them. As it was the holidays and fosters for wee babies were in short supply, our own Penny Stone took them in a nursed the momma through a bad stomach upset and mastitis, apply hot compresses in between bouts of nursing. Poor Halle suffered through the feedings and finally feels better and Penny hopes to get some sleep soon!

She’s nursed them well, the eight tiny pups are not at all tiny any more. At just three weeks old they already weigh 3kg each! Dubbed the Stranger Things litter by Penny’s able assisitants, granddaughters Savannah and Summer, there are six girl and two boy puppies, two are cream coloured and the rest are black and tan like their mamma.

Speaking of mama, Halle is just the nicest dog, so sweet – everyone who meets her falls a little in love. She will be up for adoption after the puppies are weaned. the puppies too will available for adoption in 5 weeks.

Look at those lovely faces. Mama must be tired!


Give Them Shelter

Give Them Shelter

The number 1 priority for the VHS to is to create a shelter where homeless animals can be housed while waiting for their forever or foster home. First, we need to find a location and some major sponsors. Can you help? Get in touch

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