BC Humane Society Affiliation

BC Humane Society is as an umbrella organization working to bring together like minded non-profit rescue groups around the province with the common goal of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming as many animals in need as possible. The British Columbia Humane society is a recently formed outreach partner of the Victoria Humane Society, established in 2015 by rescue advocates outside of the Victoria region to further support our collective efforts to rescue, shelter and find permanent homes for the animals we take in.

The focus of BC Humane Society is on outreach to remote and rural communities who do not have the resources or means to manage their animal populations. We hope that with this mandate, BC Humane Society can fill a need and provide a large opportunity to make very powerful impacts in these communities and the animals they house. In addition to their outreach to remote communities, BC Humane Society continues to work to find homes for retired sled dogs.

Operating without any provincial funding, BC Humane Society is an independently operated humane society serving the needs of animals in BC.

Give Them Shelter

Give Them Shelter

The number 1 priority for the VHS to is to create a shelter where homeless animals can be housed while waiting for their forever or foster home. First, we need to find a location and some major sponsors. Can you help? Get in touch

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