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Mixed Mutt
3 years old
Not good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Not good with cats house trained


While we don’t know what ‘AK’ stands for, we know he’s a great pup. At approximately 3 years old he’s a neutered, high energy mystery mutt (maybe some Doberman…some lab…some hound …. guessing is always entertaining but we really don’t know) who likes to stay close to his humans. He’s generally well behaved, although you can tell he probably hasn’t had a lot of experience with leashes, and tends to pull so ongoing training will help. AK gets along well with other dogs but he can be a little apprehensive when meeting new dog friends or in a new environment, so may bark at them. As always supervised and deliberate introductions are recommended. 

AK loves his walks and hikes, perhaps even more so than other dogs –  we’ve seen him abandon his food bowl half full just because someone is by the door putting on their shoes. Having a fenced backyard or a park nearby where he can go without leash on a regular basis is probably pretty important to him.

Remember how we said he loves his walks…he really does…BUT…he needs more training in that arena…he can pull quite hard and he will sometimes decide he wants to jump at a passing bicycle, skateboard, wheelchair or car…so diligence and continuing his leash training is recommended.

AK is a little too interested in small furry things, so cats/bunnies etc. are a no go. He is a really happy guy who seems to like children but older is probably better simply due to his energy level.

If you are looking for a loyal friend and a hiking/running/walking buddy AK is the dog for you, this boy will excel at anything that involves spending time with you!

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