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Adoption Status:
accepting applications
border collie
1 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs good with cats house trained

Bennett… where do I start. Bennett is all gangly legs and big ideas, he is a awkward preteen trying to be cool while desperately still seeking out your approval. He is snuggly and busy and whip smart. He is biddable and loving but still a basket of anxious energy looking for structure and an outlet. This incredibly handsome boy isn’t for the feint of heart, he will be someone’s heart dog if they are really ready and committed to his extensive needs. This busy boy will be the type of dog that keeps you on your toes, makes you a better owner and keeps you really really fit… he will probably also drive you a bit crazy from time to time. This is not a dog to take on lightly. Ben does well with others dogs after proper introductions, and makes fast friends with people after he is sure they are safe but he will need continued guidance to make these good choices without your help. He has the potential to be a fantastic dog, sport dog or farm hand, but could go to an active family without young children as well. He loves to play fetch, go for a run or a hike and he mountain bike tested well. In typical border collie style he wants to be with you always and seeks direction and reassurance constantly. He is crate trained and fantastic in the car, his leash walking needs continued work. He could live in the city with work and dedication to his well-being but would probably prefer a more rural setting. Is there someone out there who loves the breed, knows the challenges and wants a beautiful eager young boy in their lives ? Ben promises to repay your work with utter devotion and love for many years to come.

Ben is 24 kgs, has lived with cats and other dogs and been around older kids.  He really needs a border collie savvy, super super active home that will commit to making him the amazing dog he wants to be. If you think you have that home for him apply today.  Only those applications that are a possible fit will be contacted.  We know Ben is GORGEOUS, and everyone will want him, but he really needs the right home.  Thanks for understanding.

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