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0 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids Unknown if good with older kids Unknown if good with dogs Unknown if good with cats Unknown if house trained

We have a ton of cats and kittens available for adoption but they don’t get posted here as they are available at our satellite adoption centers!

So here is how it works!

When we receive cats and kittens into care, we have to assess them and get them health checks and spayed and neutered, shots etc….

Once all that is done, we put them in our satellite adoption centers and you go there to apply and adopt them!

Our satellite adoption centers are Bosley’s Royal Oak, Pets West in Broadmead and PetSmart Langford !

Once and a while we will post cats or kittens for adoption on our website but that is usually because they are too shy or have special needs…these ones you fill out an application on our website for! (though it is a dog adoption application so some of the questions may seem strange…just do the best you can!)

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