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5 years old
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And updated bio on Charlie!

Charlie is a big (139 lbs, 28”), five year-old, friendly guy who really likes being with his family pack, and who loves going for daytime walks.  He enjoys playing and running around with other dogs when he’s off-leash.  He’s absolutely fine with little kids (he runs into about 40 kindergarten kids in the park each Thursday), but some children might find him a little scary, just because he’s large.  He rarely barks, even when just hanging out in the backyard (“Squirrel!”).  In the house, he’s easily able to see food on tables and countertops, but he’s never tried to sneak food, and he does not mooch.  In fact, much to our surprise, he eats very little; right now he’s eating just a cup of kibbles twice a day.

Charlie is wonderful to hug, and he seems to like it as much as we do.  He loves chewing and playing one-dog-fetch with his squeaky ball, chasing sticks, and splashing in puddles.  He travels well in our van, probably because getting in the van means we’re going somewhere fun.  But when we went to the vet the other day for an impromptu weigh-in, he was absolutely delighted to go in and say “hi”.  He’s great on-leash, and knows “steady”.  Off-leash he knows “sit”, “stay”, “stop/wait”, and “down”.  He’s not great on “come”, but to counteract that he sticks with us on unleashed walks really well.  Again, being with his pack seems to be really important to him, so he doesn’t tend to wander off.

Charlie’s a great guy.  He’s looking for a family with plenty of space in their home and a desire to include him in their lives – be that with off-leash walks, ocean swims or just backyard tussles. If you’re looking for a life-sized teddy bear with plenty of love and energy, he might be the dog for you!



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