Charlie’s Amazing Dozen – ADOPTIONS PENDING!!

Adoption Status:
Accepting Applications
Mixed Mutts
2 months old
good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs good with cats Not house trained
❤ Girls from Charlies Amazing Dozen ❤
Well there are only 3 girls left from this litter….and when we get down to only a few, we repost so people know who is left (and it saves us hundreds of hours of phoning people who say want a male!)
So these three girls are left and ready to go….BUT because of the Malahat Closures they missed their spay dates…so we have new dates but are looking for homes in the Greater Victoria area so we know they can get them to their appointments!
Charlie came to us and we thought she would be a quick assessment (she is so sweet) and we would get her spayed and put her up for adoption a few weeks after arrival.
But Charlie was hiding a secret….she was pregnant! (pics of Charlie at the end of post)
And soon this sweet medium sized yellow lab had 12 puppies! And they are a potpourri of looks and colours!!! And mixes! But please note we believe these will ALL be bigger dogs (but as always no promises) as they are pretty big already!
These sweet pups are ready to start accepting applications …and some will be ready to go home this weekend!!
These pups were born in care and are super social and ready for their new homes !
While they have had a GREAT start (and an amazing foster home) these pups, like all pups, need their new owners to be committed to continued training so they can be the best pups they can be!
If interested in adopting one of these pups (please note: we do not accept applications on individual pups, you meet them and we need to make a match for your lifestyle!) please fill out an application at
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