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Mixed Mutt
1 years old
Not good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Unknown if good with cats house trained

<3 Chase <3

Meet our lovely Chase!

He is about a year old and been in foster with another dog and doing wonderfully…here is what his foster has to say about him!

“He’s very snugly, and loves to lay on your feet while watching television.
He’s not much of a foodie, and not really treat motivated.
He’s cuddle motivated…
He has great recall, “Chase, come this way” always works! He still wants to smell everything, on or off the leash it’s still sniff sniff sniff, but I guess when your almost a year old everything is new.
Loves to play with dogs that make more noise them him, he likes to make growlies when he’s having fun, but will bark when they leave him or until someone else wants to play.
Watch out for the snuggle ninja, when it’s bedtime. You’ll find him sneak up under your arm when your not looking. I’ve had him sleeping on the floor next to the bed, and now just have to be sure not to step on him in the morning.
He’s got a very gentle mouth and loves to just lick your arm, or ear.
He likes to shake a paw, but I have noticed it’s just to have your cuddle with him, lol.
Still gets up on the hind legs to paw for attention but I’ve got him sitting now every time we come in the door until I pet him on the head then he will go lay down.
Chase isn’t much of a eater either, he just picks at his food now and again, but doesn’t devour it until he’s been out to the park for a couple hours and gets hungry.
Kids about 6 and up have pet him, but he’d rather play with a dog until your alone with him, then he’s trying to bury himself under your arm, lol.”

If you are interested in meeting Chase, please fill out an application!!

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