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4 years old
good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs good with cats house trained

<3 Cleopatra <3

We have up for adoption one very beautiful and sweet chinchilla named Cleopatra. Her first 4 years were spent in a inadequate sized cage with an improper diet so she was in pretty bad shape (and super skinny) when she came into care. But with a month of TLC she is now at her ideal weight and ready for adoption. Even with all she has gone through she is so tame and just loves her shoulder blades and neck rubbed! She is also not a typical destructive chin ! She only chews on her chinchilla safe toys /! Chinchilla knowledge ie; diet , housing and enrichment is a must .These amazing exotics can have a life span up to 20 years ! Please research this sweet creatures BEFORE you bring one into your home so they can have the life they deserve.
If you are ready for a Chinchilla (or have previously had one) and would like to meet Cleopatra, please go to and fill out an application!!

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