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2 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids Unknown if good with older kids Unknown if good with dogs good with cats house trained

Cookie is a sweet, shy girl with absolutely stunning colours that is darn near impossible to miss. As a low-key girl, she likes to hang out in her comfy spots and with her feline friends (like Soot). Cookie also has the most gorgeous eyes, and she tends to observe the activities of everyone around her to make her

own opinions (and is very much a freethinker!). Cookie often blends in and allows her more outgoing and energetic counterparts to do the wooing of every human who walks into the room.

Cookie is not the type of gal to just fall head-over-heels for just anyone, however! To win Cookie’s heart, any potential adopters have to be the strong, patient, and loving type who’s looking for a companion to simply hangout with. The saying, “All good things take time.” is quite true with this sweet girl. She has a lot of love to give, but like any critter who’s lived a life without a home for awhile it can be tough to adjust, so this is important to keep in mind when considering adopting Cookie.

Given the opportunity to thrive in a home environment, Cookie may find it easier to express her affection (and she has a lot to give), and if she has something to say towards a particular human, they should feel honoured, because she’s the strong silent type who only talks when there’s something important to say.

Cookie’s dream would be to have her very own home with some folks who are patient, calm and provide her the time to come out of her shell. She enjoys quiet, lazy days at home, and even likes to hold hands (or rather paws) on occasion. As an introverted lady, she can work well with other cats who share her low maintenance attitude but would need time to adjust to a busier household.

Cookie is always the first to come running and rub up against you when you go into the “shy girl room” She has come a long way and wants to like you but it takes some time to earn her trust! But like those shy girls back in high school…the effort you put in will be worth the wait!

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