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Da Boys

Adoption Status:
0 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids Unknown if good with older kids Unknown if good with dogs Unknown if good with cats Unknown if house trained

These four boys came into care with terrible teeth and matted fur but welcomed love after a few days in hiding. They were used for breeding until coming to us last month and we are so pleased that they are officially retired from that life. They have all been neutered and the two who need dentals badly are booked in. These boys deserve to go into homes and be the centre of attention. They have always lived with more than 10 other cats so we are asking for adopters with no other pets. They seem to have lived mostly outdoors but they are catching on to using the litterboxes about 95% of the time and we suspect once they are the only pets they will graduate to complete success. If you would like to be considered for adopting one of these Himalayan/Ragdoll/Flame Point fancy boys, please complete an application here! Yes, it is more geared towards a dog adoption but just do the best you can.

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