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Rottweiler Cross
2 years old
Not good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Not good with cats house trained

Eddie! (Pleasure, Delight)

This beautiful girl certainly lives up to her name.  She is close to 2 years old, spayed and up to date on vaccines.  Eddie loves to hike and really loves the water.  She is polite and knows basic commands as well as a few tricks (high five anyone?). She loves to play keep-away with the soccer ball, toss the chuck-it ball to herself, and steal socks or slippers (along with a few other clothing items).  Once properly exercised she settles in beautifully for a close snuggle on the couch and just be with her pack.  She plays well with other dogs but needs to be monitored to ensure she doesn’t get too wound up or overwhelmed.

Eddie is a little nervous around strangers, or when she is surprised, and can be very vocal about it.  Once she warms up to you she is very affectionate and will do whatever you ask if there is a treat involved.  She is a bouncy and mouthy when excited so children in the home are not recommended. She walks well on leash but will pull when excited and her prey drive is high (no cats or other small creatures).  Eddie does have a wish list for her furever home.

  1. There must be another patient, fun-loving dog in her pack as she learns and adapts quicker to her surroundings when led by example.
  2. She has been spoiled (and rightfully so) in foster and is accustomed to sleeping at the foot of your bed (where she doesn’t move for the rest of the night)
  3. She loves to snuggle on the couch
  4. A fenced yard is a must
  5. Ongoing training on leash and to break a few bad habits, as well as working on her “stranger danger” and nervousness around buses and big trucks (especially diesel). She is eager to please (especially for treats) and is super smart.  Her recall is pretty good but as with most dogs, could use some improvement.
  6. Someone that is home most of the time is preferable (or taken with you for hikes etc)…..this girl is an escape artist that can not be contained in a crate and knows how to open lever doors!! (She is fine left alone with another dog)
  7. Rural area or low traffic area for walking
  8. Would probably love to have a job (agility, canine freestyle, nosework etc)

If interested in being considered for Eddie’s forever home…please fill out an application!

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