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Husky Cross
3 years old
good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs good with cats house trained

“Forest is a wonderful young (approx 3?) boy! He is nervous about the world and needs a guiding hand to show him what everything is. He is curious when you do household chores but is nervous when it comes to loud bangs from outside. He is more comfortable with females at first but eventually warms up to a man. He would be best suited to be a younger companion with a mature dog to show him the ways of the house. House trained, walks well on leash but gets nervous sometimes and hides behind my legs. He loves bones, head scratches and cuddles once he’s comfortable. I’ve been letting him sleep on the bed and he always sleeps on top of my feet.
I feel it would be best if someone worked from home or has an “empty nest” with fur babies adopted him due to amount of time you’ll need to spend with him teaching him things. After a time; I feel he will be a loyal and wonderful companion whom will never leave your side.”If this sounds like a match for you, please go to and fill out an application

Forest is one of our Thunder Bay Dogs, the beginning of their journey back started there …….
“These dogs were rescued Feb 2017, found outside a trappers hut tied to 1 foot chains with no food/water or shelter, 3 of the 15 had died. Two OSPCA Agents, the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society, and Want a Pet Rescue rescued the remaining 12 dogs from the Long Lac Greenstone area. When the 12 dogs entered the shelter, they were unable to walk, were barely breathing, and were extremely emaciated. These 12 are emotionally, physically, and mentally bruised.”
A HUGE thank you to Thunder Bay & District Humane Society for saving these dogs and trusting them to us!

(Please note that though we state Forest is good with kids, it would be best he went with no small children as he gets scared easily and small kids can be very scarey!)

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