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Part Bully Breed, Part Labrador
3 years old
good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Not good with cats house trained

<3 Frank the Tank <3

A write up from the foster!

“Frank is 3 year old neutered male,part Bully Breed, part Labrador , big bundle of joy.

He’s been a delight to look after. He gets along well with all other dogs, he’s not dominant or submissive, just friendly. He also loves kids! He even migrates towards them. He loves to relax, cuddle and snooze. He sometimes jumps up so we are a little wary initially around smaller people but it’s never to do anything other than love and lick.
The licking of people is a “thing”, we haven’t managed to get him out of it. He maybe does it for attention or just to be affectionate but it happens a lot.
He’s great on walks he’s awesome on a lead, barely ever pulls but doesn’t know when he’s walking right in front of you!
Only time Frank pulls on the leash is when he sees a small fluffy dog or a cat, so far, I think these are things he’d like to chase.
Generally Frank is super in the house but when left alone he gets anxious and so we are slowly introducing a crate until he gets used to a new home. he should go to a home where someone is home most of the time!!
We haven’t managed to get Frank swimming yet. So not sure if he is keen but he doesn’t fetch or play with balls. We haven’t had him long though and he’s young so I’m sure he’ll learn.”
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