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Mastiff/Shepherd Maybe???
10 months old
good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Unknown if good with cats house trained


He’s one goofy puppy with a lower-energy and super sweet personality. While still very much a puppy, ( we believe about 10 months old ) Herbie is well-mannered and easy to please. He knows sit, down and we are working on wait and stay.
His leash manners are impressive, as he doesn’t pull at all and could be considered a close walker. He would be really great at keeping close on walks because he likes to keep physical tabs with some zig zags and bumping into your legs as you walk to check in.
He is a hearty eater of kibble and loves beef liver treats. Since he wasn’t given a whole lot of guidance as a young pup, he’s continuing to learn his mouth is good for chewing treats and toys, so reinforcement of his good behaviour will be beneficial to his training. He prefers to cuddle on the couch with you, but is just as content lounging on the floor to cool off. Herbie is a laid back pup who would benefit from having kind guardians who can give him the mental attention and physical exercise to keep him the happy little camper he is.
He would do well having playdates and visits with other critters as he enjoys the company of other dogs. With him being neutered soon, his tendencies to get a little frisky upon greets will diminish. House and crate-trained, Herbie just needs a bit of coaxing, aka beef liver treats, tossed inside in order for him to walk right in. 
If you are looking for a dog who’s spunky like a puppy, social with everyone and kind of ridiculous at the same time, Herbie is the one to choose. He’ll give you lots of love and keep you thoroughly entertained, unless of course he’s passed out upside down from a nap!
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