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Retired Sled Dog
11 years old
Not good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Unknown if good with cats house trained

Herman is a sweet older guy ( 11 years old), recently retired from his job as a sled dog. He is a bit leery of new people and things, but once he feels more settled, he loves to be close to his people. Good luck keeping him off the couch beside you! We suspect that over time, he likely will become a (slightly oversized) lap dog. He embraces the retired life by eating his meals laying down with his people quietly sitting nearby. He can be a bit quirky about when he wants to eat or drink, so patience and a willingness to try different things to engage him will be required at least at first. He seems happy to nap at our feet while we work, and doesn’t really know how to play. He does not seem to need a lot of time walking to be well behaved in the home. He is very speedy though, so would be a great jogging/running partner for someone. He is quite strong from his sled dog days, and will likely need some help learning to walk without pulling on the leash. Herman is mostly housetrained, but does not let you know he needs to go out, so his family will need to be vigilant in making sure he gets out in time. He has not been left alone a lot so far, but hasn’t shown any issues when he has been. Given his desire to be close to his people, he likely would not be too happy to be alone a lot. He is crate trained and seems content overnight and when he has been left alone. Herman has obviously had a bit of a tougher life and he startles fairly easily. When he does, he runs and hides in his safe places. As he gets more comfortable, he likely will do this much less as it has improved in his time in foster care. Though he’s tolerant of the young kids in his foster home, they often scare him with their quick movements and loud noises. A home with older (quieter) kids or no kids is likely best so he can enjoy his retirement.

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