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Hound Puppies

Adoption Status:
Available for Adoption
Hound Dog
2 months old
good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs good with cats Unknown if house trained

The HOUNDS are ready for their forever homes! These puppies are beyond cute, and everyone has met them at events like Petapalooza Victoria and Vancouver for puppy yoga. They are well socialized with everything, and their ears have to be the cutest thing ever! But please remember these puppies will grow up to be hounds, too, so do some research and make sure a hound is what you want.

Mama (now named Bluebell and in her new home already) is 65 pounds of love. She is good with everything and has a wonderful disposition so we are hoping her babies grow up the same. A well fenced yard is recommended, as hound noses can get them in trouble. They are medium energy, and a couple walks a day should keep them content.

If you want to add a hound to your family, please apply today.

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