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Domestic Short Hair
9 years old
Not good with younger kids good with older kids Not good with dogs Not good with cats house trained
“Huey came to us very afraid, stressed and on a hunger strike, all in all very nearly ready to give up on his life. He hid in a variety of unknowable places for the first two weeks with the intention of not ever being found and bothered. At some point he decided that if he was only going to do one more thing in his life, it would be to get a good scratch from someone. And so, Huey came out of hiding, and decided that he liked being petted, and from there he has continued to blossom. Watching Huey’s slow and stable recovery- sometimes interrupted by bursts of progress- from a wary cat to a loving and colourful companion has been remarkable and heartwarming. He is a sweet and easy-going boy with no aggressive or domineering traits, unless you count the paw that slowly comes out to tap you when you stop petting him. Huey thrives off physical connection. He loves to cuddle on your lap and will determinedly make room for himself in any situation if you let him. He has odd but endearing ways of showing his affection– he enjoys sniffing heads, mouths and nostrils as a greeting or thanks for a good backrub. Huey’s life is still plagued by strong flight instincts, but his desire for love from his humans is strong enough to balance this out most of the time. Huey spends most of the daytime hours in his safe place, which is under a bed in our home, but he will come out for food, water, litterbox relief and to spend time with his pals. He is largely a nocturnal cat as this is when he feels most at ease in his surroundings–at night he spends his saved energy on little adventures of his own. Huey, the handsome and complicated fellow with an internal battle against fear, should be the star of his own show in his forever home. He deserves a human(s) who will always be patient with his shyness, and who will give him lots of attention, scratches and love.”
Huey needs a quiet home without children or other pets in order to feel safe. He likes to have some hiding places to go when he’s uneasy so he may not be the biggest fan of open concept living.
Huey is approximately 9 years old but not showing his age! Still very agile and peppy. And of course he needs a little more attention and time put in from his owners for him to be social and happy because he’s a special boy.”
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