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Alaskan Husky
5 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs good with cats house trained

Introducing King Louie, aka the heartbreaker. A gentle soul looking for: a home with a fenced yard, a playful dog friend and a patient human that is good at belly rubs!

Louie is a lovely five-year-old retired sled dog who has done an amazing job adapting to his new life.  He is curious about new things and wags his tail to show how hard he is trying. When he’s not lounging on the couch and getting snuggles, Louie loves to play with his doggy friends and show off his zoomies! Louie also gets along fine with dog saavy cats.

In a quiet, calm, patient home, Louie will grow in confidence and will be an amazing companion, both on and off the sofa. If you think Louie will be a good fit for you, please apply today! He will be sure to steal your heart!

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