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Lab Cross
8 years old
Not good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Unknown if good with cats house trained


Manfrotto is ready for his forever home! He has been in care a long time, and things always come up that interrupt his adoptions through no fault of his own. He has been in an amazing foster home for over a month now, and has shown everybody what a great dog he can be. Here is an update from them:

Manfrotto just wants a steady home so badly. We became his people instantly. There was no stand-offishness at all. He has spent years in kennels and tough living environment’s but he has a huge capacity to give and receive love. He is a treat to have around.
We where out of town for a week and Manfrotto stayed with neighbours. Their report was very positive. He listened to them well and appreciated any affection. They where comfortable walking him off leash and they commented on his excellent recall. Our friends have an elderly dog and he and Manfrotto spent a week together with no fuss so Manfrotto shares his space well.

We have fostered Manfrotto for six weeks now and it has gone very well. He listens well and appears to have had some good training at some point in his life. He now meets other dogs and people without drama. He will walk off leash and stays close. Heeling is tough because he seems to need a little momentum to keep his balance with only three legs. But all thought of good behaviour is gone if he see’s a squirrel. Boy can he pull on his leash. You have to be strong
He has some guarding tendencies and barks and growls when someone is at the door and I do watch carefully if he is in the yard with me and someone walks by. Initially he was very protective of our yard but after some reinforcement he seems to have learned the people are allowed to walk by the house.

Now that it is hot, I am leaving him at home a lot and he is fine being left. He quickly learned that he is not allowed upstairs in our house, ten days with an off bounds baby gate was all it took, he has chewed nothing and sleeps through the night. He does like a nice leather chesterfield to sleep on though. We are having to work on that.

So that is Manfrotto today. He is a great dog who deserves a great home. Apply at today!!

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