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Lab Cross
8 years old
Not good with younger kids Unknown if good with older kids good with dogs Not good with cats house trained

UPDATE from Manfrottto’s foster home:

Manfrotto just wants to be loved.  Somehow he never got his real
family.  He is proving to be a wonderful companion.   Living with us in
Victoria and learning about life in the city he is really coming along
very well.

The first thing I have to say about Frotto is that he just wants
affection.  The very first time I walked him he was obviously looking
for approval and affection. He sat on the 2nd. or 3rd. SIT command and
hand signal and just looked at me as if to say “is that okay?”

It’s not all wonderful and gooey love.  He has been in kennels a lot.
Frotto is good, if a little standoffish initially, on meeting other
dogs.  Eight times out of ten his tail is wagging but he is grumbling
under his breath.  The other two times it is best to leave the meeting
for another day.  However one of every two of those meetings may have
been with a small dog with attitude.  He has met big dogs, little dogs,
dogs off leash, dogs on leash, but it requires attention.  He met
friends 10 week old retriever puppy on the weekend and had to go to the
jeep for a time out. However he is a perfect gentleman with Truvey, a
old and crotchety dog in the neighborhood, who has the run of our house.
Yesterday he met our neighbor’s three rambunctious golden retrievers.
He was the one who behaved well; sat at my side, wagged his tail, let
some sniffing begin slowly. But you could see he was not going to take
any roughhousing.

On meeting people Manfrotto gets a B.   He sometimes, but not regularly,
seems concerned initially about guys, but there is no rhyme or reason
again. I have been looking at hat’s, clothing, clothing color but can’t
see a system.  Again, I think a little care now is good.  Having said
that I have seen two of the big guys in the neighborhood just give him a
hug on first meeting.

He is very good in the house, for all his kennel time.  He has a dog bed
he sleeps on, though the last couple of days he has taken to sneaking
onto a couch.  He quickly learned that he was to stay on the main
floor.  He does want to be in the same room as you so he will be in the
kitchen when you are cooking, the TV room, the living room, wherever you
are.  He is not a dog to be banished outside.  He is a dog to be a

On hug’s … he loves them. He likes to drape himself over you as you
put on shoes, watch TV, read.  Frotto is VERY affectionate. He has had a
rough life apparently but he certainly is not holding a grudge.  He pays
attention to both commands and affection. He so obviously wants you to
be happy with him. On affection he gets an A.

You have to walk briskly with Frotto.  My theory is that with three legs
he requires a little more momentum to keep his balance so he lopes at a
brisk walking pace.  With his gait he can heel off leash, but he creeps
ahead and has to do a little circle to get back in place, then creeps
ahead again. He is not a dog for someone unstable on their feet or who
wants to walk and text.  He is an outdoor dog with an eye for birds,
squirrels and deer.  You have to be alert. He has great power when he
wants to chase.  If you like brisk walks he gets an A.  On current level
of training he gets a C+ but is teachable.

Frotto is doing well in our neighborhood.  It’s a big transition from
rural B. C. to downtown Victoria and he is doing it wonderfully.  He
could be a great city dog or a country dog.  In the two weeks we have
had him at home he seems yard oriented.  He does not bolt going out the
door without a leash. Yesterday when I was doing yard work he stayed
close by all the time.  He loves to chase reflections from watches,
rings, glasses.  He is indifferent to chasing balls or Frisbee’s.

What else?  Manfrotto travels well, seems fine with our neighbor’s cat,
the neighborhood kids on bikes and skate boards and has not chased
bicyclists or scooters. I do walk him on leash. He knows to stop and
sits at crosswalks on command. He comes when called, but not so much
with a squirrel in sight.  He stays very close when walking off leash
with clicker of finger snap.

So there is a ton of good stuff happening with Manfrotto. Please offer
him a loving home.


Manfrotto is our newest and sweet tripod – he may only have three legs but he is the highest quality, best tripod available in the market today. (Sorry you have to be a photographer to get the reference – or just google the name!). Manfrotto is loving & brave – he lost his leg, part of his ear, and other scars protecting his home from a cougar. However, Manfrotto loves hugs and cuddles and would prefer to not have to “play” with cougars or intruders anymore – he deserves retirement and snuggling in front of the fire with you. He is a lab cross, about 8 years old and despite the loss of his leg is really quite active. He gets along with other balanced dogs and with all people. We have no idea on how he is with cats – but given his experience with the large & wild feline variety, he may prefer a cat-free home. He loves to connect with people and get lots of affection so he does have a real desire to please. If you are interested in the best tripod to take out for indoor and outdoor activities – apply for our lovely Manfrotto today.


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