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Mary Kate (aka Kanga Kate)

Adoption Status:
Alaskan Husky - husky/saluki
6 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Not good with cats house trained

Mary Kate is an amazing dog who is looking for an amazing home.

What makes Miss Kate amazing?

  • she is super smart and likes to learn new things
  • she loves to be active but is also happy to just hang out with you
  • she is a great outdoors partner, it is her favourite place after all!
  • she is pretty snuggly and incredibly loyal, once she is comfortable with you
  • she is a perfect size
  • she is super athletic.  She can run fast and can jump very high!!  ( hence the nickname Kanga Kate!!! )

Mary Kate has come a long ways while in care but she is still fearful of things and lacks self-confidence so understanding and patience are going to be necessary for her new owners to help her be the best her.  Relationship for Mary Kate is very important.  She doesn’t give her trust quickly but once you have it and understand her, she will be your loyal companion for life.

Mary Kate has very high prey drive so must not be in a home with small animals.  She is also able to jump a standard 5 foot fence … easily …. so higher fencing or a willingness to modify your fencing will be necessary to help keep her safe.  But this also means that she would be great at agility and is good at picking fruit from your fruit trees!!



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