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4 years old
Not good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs good with cats house trained
Looking at these photos, you might think that we’re offering a two for one! We promise, it’s all the same dog.

Mickey may be a big boy, but he’s only 18 months old and looking for a forever family that’s ready for his big, puppy self.
Mickey is exactly how he looks. Cute, adorable, sweet, energetic. He plays hard, runs hard and loves extra hard. His people are number one for him. He loves to be touched and to cuddle. He’s also scary smart.
We want to be very honest about Mickey, though. He is not a dog for just anyone. For all of his sweetness, Mickey also has a lot of work to do on impulse control and when he decides he wants his way, he stops being adorable and cute.
Mickey is highly trainable and has come a very long way in learning to share, to think before he does things, to drop items he snaps up (especially socks!!) – but he still has some pretty serious resource guarding issues around sticks(although, Mickey doesn’t do things halfway, he’d rather have a log) and a few other things.
For this reason, Mickey cannot be around small children. If he wants that toy, he will take that toy. If he doesn’t want to share that toy, he won’t be nice about it.
Mickey is great with other dogs. His best friend right now is only 7 pounds to Mickey’s 100 pounds. As the photo shows, Mickey is also just fine with cats.
Mickey’s been doing a lot of training work with an older teenage boy and he’s been thriving at it. He would probably do best in an active family that’s experienced at teaching and dealing with larger dogs. He’s a great hiker off-leash. He currently spends a lot of time hiking in the forest and running free. This is why his hair has been cut shorter. He’s been ending up with half of the forest tangled in his fur by the end of his hikes, which isn’t really comfortable for him. Mickey’s working on walking more and pulling less while on leash.
With his young age, Mickey will be a great new family member for the right adopter. If you think you can help Mickey learn how to become the utterly fantastic dog we know he is, please contact us!
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