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Mixed Mutt
8 months old
good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs good with cats house trained

Quickly earning the nickname “Smiley Miley” she has become a hit in the neighbourhood. Miley is a large, friendly energetic pup who considers herself to be a lap dog and will climb on a lap at the first chance she gets. She is great at running on leash without pulling and will stay by your side, but does need more training on walking without pulling. Miley barks when she encounters other dogs but, she truly just wants to play with them. Miley has some anxiety when left alone and is a bit of an escape artist and she will chew things other than toys, or dig if left alone for any length of time. However she is more than happy to come along on car rides while you grocery shop and will wait patiently for your return in the car. She always wants to be in the room that you are in and will contented lay down and have a rest at your feet. Miley is not fully house trained but she is working hard at it and only has the occasional accident, she’s still a pup and learning about living inside. She does however sleep quite well through the night. Miley loves cats, dogs, kids, and pretty much anyone she meets as long as they give her attention. A slow intro to a cat could lead to a life long friendship. Miley is good with younger kids however due to her size and lap dog mentality, she should be watched when around small kids. All in all, Miley is a lovely dog with a great personality and a heart of gold. With the right training and patience she will be a wonderful addition to the right family.

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