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Mutt and Jeff BONDED PAIR

Adoption Status:
Accepting Applications
Lab Mixes
3 months old
Unknown if good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Unknown if good with cats Not house trained
So we have had a ton of GREAT applications on these two, but we really feel these two need to go together.
We NEVER say that about puppies (ever) but honestly these two are so happy and so strongly bonded, we feel they just will be better together
So if you applied for either on of these….and are interested in both, please message us …
And if you are looking for two great pups, please apply!
Mutt and Jeff
aka Dumb and Dumber
aka Murtaugh and Riggs
Honestly couldn’t adore two pups more…
They are perfect together and it’s like they finish each others sentences…. ❤
They are 3 months old and while their mange is almost gone they need to continue their treatments…(we provide…its just a once a month) for a bit to make sure that pesky mange doesn’t return!
Mutt is the all black one and the smarter of the two LOL and Jeff is the black and white and the most devoted of the two!
If interested in meeting these boys, please fill out an application!!
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