Adoption Status:
husky / greyhound / saluki
3 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids Unknown if good with older kids good with dogs Unknown if good with cats Unknown if house trained

Meet Roo the funny, gangly teenager.  This goofy awkward guy is sure to keep his new family smiling.  Roo is a 3 year old sled dog that has come out from Thunder Bay to find his forever home.  He is a little shy and unsure about his new life and will need someone who understands that and that they are taking an oversized puppy because all the rules and exceptions that come with living in a house with humans are new to him.  He is a medium to high energy dog who likes to play with toys, carry things around, loves getting out for walks and just being with people, once he feels comfortable with them.   He is being fostered with other dogs that he has grown up with and he loves to play with the girls, however, at times he is not comfortable when the other male dog is involved in play but otherwise has been fine with the dogs in the foster home.  Roo weighs about 50 pounds at this time but is still very thin and needs to gain weight.  In life so far Roo has had very limited exposure to things and can be fearful.  Loud trucks, motorcycles and men are some the things he has shown fear of however, he has a lot of curiosity that so that, along with positive support from his loving human, will take him far in his new life.  We don’t know what Roo is like with cats and he has limited exposure to children.  Small children in the home may not be suitable more because of his lack of body awareness and enthusiasm than for any other reason.  If you think you can give Roo a new lease on life and help him become the dog he’s meant to be, please fill out an application form.

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