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3 years old
good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Not good with cats house trained


This boy needs an active home and would be AMAZING in agility or flyball.

We have discovered that he absolutely loves balls, fetch, learning, and being given direction….we believe he is a poodle crossed with JRT and he is smart as a whip, and just as loving. He is a wonderful combo of needing to be busy and physical, but also needing YOU and affection. ❤

If you are looking for a couch dog…Rupert is not the one for you….but if you hike, do agility, flyball, tracking, or anything else that will keep both his mind and body busy, but ALSO want cuddles and a very loyal Velcro dog….Rupert is for you!
This little darling is going to bring so much joy, love and laughter to his new family. He is so eager to please, loves to be with you, quiet, gentle, loves to play fetch and play with toys. Rupert’s first 3 years of life have clearly been scary, sheltered, and neglectful…it’s time for Rupert to learn all the world has to offer and what being a dog is supposed to be like….especially in British Columbia, a doggy dream!
In many ways he appears to not have lived in a home; he MUST have his bed/safe place to run to, doesn’t like to go outside, especially alone, all things seem new, no idea what furniture is or how to hop up on it like the others and fears of doorways. All of this is improving every day as his confidence grows.
He is super smart and so eager to do what you want. He was toilet trained in a few days, settled right into meal routines and is at his happiest with his people. If you show him what you want, it’s amazing how quickly he understands.
He doesn’t seem to know how to play with other dogs…even when they are giving full friendly play signals, but also has no issue sharing his bed with them, getting treats side by side, and living well together…really just not a lot of interest at this point, in the other dogs. He is a little too interested in the resident cat and because she is a senior kitty we are not putting her through getting to know him.
He is hand shy around his head, mouth and neck, but he adores being touched and will melt into a massage. He likes to be picked up and cuddled, but is definitely not a full time lap dog. He also loves when you talk to him while you’re massaging or petting him…I think he listens. 
Rupert is only 3 years old and has lots of fun and puppy in him. He loves to go for walks, his little feeties point in different directions and he sounds like a duck walking on the wood floor—adorable! Rupert continues to flourish and find joy in all things he meets as long as it’s done safely and with his shyness in mind. He wants to be gently pushed, but definitely not scared. He also needs time to know that you have his back…but this doesn’t take long at all.
Rupert is looking for someone(s) that will take him on adventures and walks. Someone that can commit to walking him daily and finding time to play with his toys, give him massages and teach him that touch is only a wonderful thing now. A family of his own that wants to show him everything he’s missed for the last 3 years.
Rupert won’t be ready for a few more weeks as he still has to get neutered, (shhhhh) his ears and eye infections re-checked, and his itchy pink skin under control, but, he was eager to let you know all about him after I told him what a forever family is. ❤
Rupert is a little lamby with so much love to give. If you think it might be you, don’t delay at filling out your application. Rupert says Thank you!!

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