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1 years old
Not good with younger kids good with older kids Unknown if good with dogs good with cats house trained

I keep hearing people say they can’t find a cat to adopt….PSSSSTTTTT….hey…over here! We have cats and even a couple of kittens at the shelter that would love a forever home, but these finicky felines aren’t pushovers. They are going to need patient homes where their humans will give them the time and space (but not too much space) they need to come around. That could mean days, weeks or months of putting in some effort but they are so worth it. These cats and kittens had lousy starts and they haven’t seen the best in people but we are changing that…still, homes of their own would make all the difference in the world.

Do you have the patience and love that is needed to win over one of these lovelies? Will you promise not to have hurt feelings if they don’t love you instantly…they will get there we promise.

As always, we start with an online adoption application as these particular cats/kittens are at our shelter due to their shy nature. Yes, we know the application is geared towards dogs but it can still work for cats too! Once we have your application, if approved we will contact you for a time to schedule a visit to the shelter.

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