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Adoption Status:
Accepting Applications
15 months old
Not good with younger kids good with older kids Unknown if good with dogs good with cats house trained

Snowy, Snowy, Snowy…where to begin describing this 15-month-old little gem? And by gem, we mean diamond in the rough. Snowy arrived at the shelter a mean, hissy ball of misery, and that is being kind. She treated her four-legged roommates almost as badly as she treated humans. Some people wrote her off as being nothing more than a barn cat – not that we have anything against barn cats. Untouchable was not an exaggeration. She had a mean swipe. Capturing her for her spay appointment involved bouncing off walls, literally – and we have the video. Fast-forward through many weeks (months) of attention from our fabulous shelter volunteers and ending up alone after her roommates were adopted, the transformation is, to use an overused word, amazing. Slowly she has warmed up and doesn’t hiss when someone enters the room, takes treats from your hands, jumps down from her bed to say hello, and accepts pets once she has assessed the situation. We think Snowy is ready for her new home, with someone who understands that she still has a way to go. In the right surroundings, we think she has the potential to be a great friend, if not a lover.

If interested in meeting our lovely girl, please fill out an application. It is a dog application so some questions may seem odd. Sorry! Please do the best you can.

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