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2 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids good with older kids good with dogs Unknown if good with cats house trained

<3 Sophie <3

“This is sweet Sophie. She is a 2.5 year old Puggle that loves a warm lap and fun walks. Sophie gets very excited when her leash comes out!
Sophie was quite traumatized when she first arrived. She was scared of everything and everyone. She bonded with me within 2 hours, but took a few days to know my husband. Now she is daddy’s little girl.
She is hesitant with strangers, but warms up to them quickly. 
She has had extensive training. Will come when she is called, sit, lay down, stay (until she can’t see you) and kennel trained. She likes to play with her toys and will play fetch.She is good around other dogs as long as they are not too rambunctious. Don’t know about cats.
Sophie should not be homed with small children as she tends to nip at unwanted touches, until she knows you are friends.
Sophie will bark at anyone or anything, but will quiet down quickly with a pat or two.
Sophie is usually laid back and easy going around the house, and high energy on walks. She tends to pull on leash, but if you wrap her leash around her, she is great!
She may have come from an apartment or condo. She likes to be leashed to do her business in the morning or during the day. She seems hesitant to do her business in the yard unless leashed.
We have left Sophie home for 3 hours on her own, and she was just fine with that. Very excited to see us!
She has been a lovely addition to our home.
We would suggest she is in an only pet home when adopted. She deserves all the loves!”


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