The Flintstones

Adoption Status:
Accepting Applications
1 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids good with older kids Unknown if good with dogs Unknown if good with cats Unknown if house trained

<3 The Flintstones <3

Wilma and Fred, and their two 17 week kits ( baby Chinchillas) are all up for adoption! We would like to adopt them to be adopted in sames sex pairs, mother and daughter and father and son. Fred the dad is the biggest, friendly, kind of grouchy looking sometimes but easy to handle. Wilma the mom is friendly, easy to handle and loves having her ears scratched. Pebbles and Bam Bam are still getting used to being handled and their new environment. Both seem curious and friendly. Chinchillas make great pets, as they are easy and friendly but do require knowledge of their needs so please research thoroughly prior to applying. Chinchillas are nocturnal but do adjust to your schedule over time. They can also live up to 17 years so it is important you make sure your ready for that long of a commitment before you adopt.

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