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Mixed Mutt
6 months old
Not good with younger kids good with older kids Unknown if good with dogs Unknown if good with cats Not house trained

Thompson is a six month old blonde lab cross who’s full of beans and is most certainly, not boring. As a young pup, he will benefit from someone who understands puppy antics and can channel this exuberance into fun training time.

He loves his daily shenanigans which include (but, are not limited to): flumping on the couch with a stuffie, sniping any fallen laundry, darting around in a burst of zoomies and snoozing when play time is done.

Thompson is crate-training and doing amazing with a consistent schedule, sleeping through the night! Toss a few beef liver treats and he’ll walk right into his crate, sleeping until 7am.

He is a super fun jogging buddy and seems to enjoy new sights while keeping pace with his person. A no-pull harness is helpful in reinforcing good manners and a loose leash as he continues to develop nice walking skills.

Thompson is happy to join you for car rides and will patiently wait for you as you run a couple of errands. He needs a hand getting in/out of tall vehicles and falls asleep almost immediately once in the car.

This six-month old puppy will excel in a home with a confident guardian who will keep his focus on the positive, especially while he’s still in his teenage years.

An ideal home for Thompson includes a fenced yard for ease of housetraining and a space for getting his daily beans out. He loves a good chew session on a stuffie and is a playful kind of guy!

He has been an active participant in physical distancing and grumbles in situations where he’s not so sure about things. Kids seem to surprise him and he prefers to have space, so he’s searching for a home with teens or just adults. We’ve found great success in positively enforcing greetings giving him space to make good choices.

Thompson would likely be too much for a first-time dog owner and will need consistent training to reinforce good behaviour.

Already a dog lover? You know how a well-exercised dog = a well-balanced dog. 2-3 walks a day makes Thompson one happy furry man. He will need gradual introductions with new dogs, which will take time but he can do it with a patient guardian by his side.

He is learning to understand doggy signals and recognize boundaries after a successful greet. A few neighbourhood dog friends would be a dream for this blonde bubble of energy. Thompson weighs in about 55 pounds.

We suspect bigger paws and a leggier frame are in his future, with a final weigh-in ranging around 75-80 lbs. We think he has a bright future ahead with someone to help him along the way. Think you could give Thompson a dream home that will help him be the best dog he can? Apply for him today!

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