Zeus 2.0

Adoption Status:
available for adoption
German shepherd
7 years old
Unknown if good with younger kids good with older kids Not good with dogs Not good with cats house trained


Meet Zeus again. he was posted last month, but we realized he would need to adopted under special circumstances. Unfortunately Zeus spent the first 7 years of his life chained up. He did not get the opportunity to get the education he needed to make him a good city dog. When he got surrendered to VHS we had hoped that he would adapt into social life. Unfortunately he finds city walking and encountering other dogs very stressful. This and the fact he is EXTREMELY strong can also be stressful on his walker. Luckily Zeus is absolutely FANTASTIC in his foster home’s yard. He just needs someone who will appreciate him for who he is now. Zeus will most definitely make someone extremely happy if we can just find him the right match. Here is what his foster mom says about him:

We have the pleasure of fostering Zeus for a couple of months now and in this short time he has he captured our hearts. He is goofy, playful, extremely affectionate and has a ton of personality. He can be quiet for hours or can be excitedly trying to interest you in a game of ball or tug of war. He listens extremely well to instructions in the house and will respond quickly to a no or ah ah! If he does get over exited such as going outside, he will still respond to a firm sit. Zeus loves outside, not alone so much, but when you are doing chores in the yard, with of course with an occasional ball throw of course! One of his favourite games is hide and seek. The only problem is he knows all the hiding places so he can find us now entirely too fast! He also loves a good game of chase. He takes great delight in teasing you getting ever so close before he dashed away! Sometimes I will see him bury himself in our ceders and will shimmy and shake and bark to himself and then dash madly about the yard. So funny to watch and such pure delight. Zeus has shown he loves people around we have never had a problem with strangers entering the house, even the cable guy and the plumber. He seems to come to life when we have family dinners for example. Perhaps all the more to get pats from I think!! When going out in the morning and night for bathroom breaks he does this almost on demand. All I have to do is indicate it is bathroom time and he immediately heads for the door. Also with this weather my yard is a bit muddy but he always waits patiently while I wipe his feet. When going to bed at night he has two places he likes to go. We have a bed for him in our family room, where he likes to spend most of his time and another one in our bedroom which he uses occasionally. He once in a while will jump up on our be in the morning if he thinks we are too long in bed he has jumped up and joined us for some snuggles and rubs. As far as snuggles go generally, Zeus would have you do this all day long! He even loves my bear hugs multiple times a day! I would say Zeus treasures his balls and some toys. He kind of likes to gather them in the croix of his feet and hoard a bit. Probably from being chained up his whole life and having to protect what was his. He is however not aggressive in any way should you put your hand where the toys are. Zeus is very quiet when left alone in the house. He settles and waits for your return. He has never been destructive. He won’t even go through a door that is only partially open until you open it for him. Zeus unfortunately is not good with other dogs, probably from being the only one chained up in a community of unleashed dogs. For this reason he would prefer not to be a city street walker. However he loves the outdoors and would do very well just walking, running and playing on his own back forty so he, somewhere where he can stretch those long legs of his and perhaps have a longer run when he gets those zoomies!! This is how he will live his best life. He is a gem, yes I mean that diamond in the rough. He has so much love to give and would make such a lovely addition to just that right home, someone willing to give this big guy and even bigger hearted soul.



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