Responsibilities of Fostering

Foster home criteria:

  • Homebodies!The foster applicant will ideally be at home for a good portion of the day (i.e.: homebodies, retired people, people who work from home…) The reason for this is that some of our dogs going in to foster may have health/medical/anxiety issues and it benefits them to have companionship in their new unfamiliar space.
  • Yard:For some animals, we need foster homes to have fully fenced yards. In those cases, we will confirm our fencing requirements with you before we place the animal.
  • Location:Our foster homes should be located within Greater Victoria
  • Transportation: Fosters must have the ability to transport their foster animals to vet, grooming and other appointments as needed.
  • Home checks:We conduct home checks of all foster homes to confirm that we are placing animals in suitable homes and vice versa.
  • Other pets policy:We will consider placing our animals in homes with existing dogs/cats; however, we would ask to confirm they are calm and well-balanced animals to ensure the safety of all animals.

Thank you!

Give Them Shelter

Give Them Shelter

The number 1 priority for the VHS to is to create a shelter where homeless animals can be housed while waiting for their forever or foster home. First, we need to find a location and some major sponsors. Can you help? Get in touch

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