Sadly, some of the animals we rescue have never lived in a loving home. Many, such as breeding animals, have spent their entire lives in cages or have been tied up or chained outdoors.

For these special cases, we believe it is just as important to pay attention to the dog’s behavioral health as it is to address the dog’s physical health. VHS conducts a thorough behavioral evaluation designed to help us learn about the personality and behavioral needs of each dog. Every dog is considered to be an individual, having specific requirements and desires, regardless of breed or background.

The majority of problem behaviors which we see in surrendered dogs are normal canine behaviors – behaviors that are not any different than those we see in family pets that have always been with their family. The difference with surrendered dogs is that in many cases no one has shown them alternative, more acceptable behavior. VHS works with our foster families and volunteers to help socialize these animals and make them ready for their forever homes.

In some instances, we use the services of professional trainers to assist with rehabilitating an animal. VHS only supports positive training methods and we will work with an animal for as long as they need to get them ready for a positive adoption and their forever home. This is another critical area of work than helps to ensure successful VHS adoptions.


Give Them Shelter

Give Them Shelter

The number 1 priority for the VHS to is to create a shelter where homeless animals can be housed while waiting for their forever or foster home. First, we need to find a location and some major sponsors. Can you help? Get in touch

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